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You can now earn money online via internet in the range of
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Start Online Forum

You can make money online by starting your own online forum and putting adsense or affiliate ads on it.

This idea is particularly more popular in pakistan because people like to have discussion online.

You should start thinking about starting a forum in your best area.

Here are some ideas for you

Cricket Discussion Forum, Sports forum, your city forum, Women Discussion Forum, fasion, women problems, shopping, etc.
Political Discussion Forum
Student Discussion forum, where students can login and ask questions and other students can answer those.
Doctors Forum, where people can ask questinos about health problems
Professionals forum, where professionals can meet and network
Business Forum, where business men can meet and share ideas

The possibilites are endless, you can choose any as per your experties.

Once you have decided what will be topic of your forum, then next step is to build a forum.

First step is to get domain registration and hosting for you forum. For that you need to either contact your ISP or some third party hosting service e.g.

Once you have gotten the website domain and hosting, next step is to install a free forum software.

We highly recommend to contact us for professional forum development as our charges are very low. Seek help from some web developer or professional to help you install that or you can hire any web development company to do it for you e.g.

You would also need to apply for a adsense account so that you can make money from it.

Then setup rooms in your forum and make sure to post some interesting topics on your forum.

Now is question of driving traffic to your forum. You can either use SEO or Adwords to buy traffic from google for your forum. Once you have your forum established make sure to moderate your forum on daily basis and add new posts and reply to questions.

You will start seeing money coming in to your account through these efforts, although it may take a while.