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You can now earn money online via internet in the range of
50,000 Rs to 100,000 Rs
per month by following all the methods on this website.

Build Articles Website

This is another very important way to make money online from home.

If you are a good writer, you can write articles about a specific topic and build a website on that topic.

The topic must be very specific and should help people. We call it a Niche. A Niche is a specific topic within a broad category.

For example, you can write a website on a niche like Holiday Places. This can be more profitable for you because Holiday Places are in high demand and you will earn more compared to a topic that is not in demand.

Once you wrote the articles in you Niche, you need a web design template to put your articles in shape of a website.

Search google for "Free website templates" and you will see dozens of sites that are offering free web templates.

Then seek help from a web designer or any professioanl web development company like to put your articles into your website template and host it with your hosting company.

You should apply for a free adsense account to make money on your article websites too.

You must also perform SEO on your site so that search engines take notice of your site and give it good ranking in search results, you can take help from, which are very good in SEO. Once your site is ranked high, you will start to mak very good money every month while living home at your internet.