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You can now earn money online via internet in the range of
50,000 Rs to 100,000 Rs
per month by following all the methods on this website.

Courses to Earn Money Free

We can arrange practical training for you, so that you can easily understand how to earn money online from internet. There are 2 kind of course we have.

Course 1:1 Week course, practical methods to earn money online, basic free website on some free subdomain.(Charges: 3000 Rs.)
Course 2:1 Week course, practical methods to earn money online, your own .com domain registration, 1 year free hosting, your website preparation, admin section training (Charges 8000 Rs.)

Comparision of Course 1 and Course 2: You can earn more via course 2 as compare to course 1, as you will have your own .com website, which will be easy for you to make famous. Hence, your money making chances can be much more by following course 2.

We can guarantee you, that you can earn money online after following our course, very easily.

If you are interested to do any of the above course to make money online, you can contact us using the following email address:

makemoneyinpakistan @ gmail . com

Currently, our practical courses are only for residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi but if you belong to different city and its difficult for you to come at our premises, we can arrange online training for you as well.